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From the directors and producers of the feature musical/dramedy Leading Ladies comes a darker tale of secrets and introspection. Dance drives the dive into secrets we are all packing on our person. Repetitive rhythms lean toward the compulsive and set the meter for this contemporary motion portrait, expressing the truth that "Sometimes the hardest person to keep safe from is your self." Distinct locations express a dancer’s interior landscapes, revealing the secrets he tries so hard to protect.

The original, autobiographical dance material was created in 2007 and performed by director Erika Randall Beahm in 3 different countries before being envisioned as a film. What we hide in our "purse" and how those secrets harm us was the original inspiration for the dance and subsequent dance film. The forks, stand-ins for the deepest secrets we carry on our person, come from Glenn Close's character in "Dangerous Liaisons" and represent the tiny weapons and vehicles for control that we find in our everyday. Archetypal images of the perfect 50's housewife infer a societal normative that the central figure rebels against, first internally and then out loud. The queering of social norms is pervasive throughout this work, the costume and constrained choreography digging into issues of secrecy, subversion, and rebellion.

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Erika Randall Beahm

Dancing before she could walk, Erika Randall Beahm graduated from the Interlochen Arts Academy with honors and went on to attend the Juilliard School. She received her her BA in Dance from the University of Washington and her MFA in Choreography from The Ohio State University. Before relocating to Colorado, she was a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois for 3 years and a Guest Lecturer at The Ohio State University. She joined the faculty at the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2007 as an Assistant Professor of Dance. Randall is a teacher, choreographer and filmmaker who has recently performed with Sara Hook, David Parker and the Bang Group, Teena Custer, Michelle Ellsworth, Gabriel Masson, Rebecca-Nettl-Fiol, Esteban Donoso, the Mark Morris Dance Group and Buglisi/Foreman Dance. She is also a founding member of the Seattle born company Cava-Parker Dance whose new home is in Puebla, Mexico. She formed the Columbus Movement Movement (cm2), an organization supporting the development and visibility of contemporary dance artists in Columbus, Ohio, which was named one of Dance Magazine’s “Top 25 to Watch” in 2007. Working with collaborative partner Anna Sapozhnikov on their duet company, Sweetie Pie Productions, Erika has found her perfect match for presenting theatrical and physical dance works. Their work has been shown in multiple venues throughout Illinois and was selected for The Goose Route Dance Festival in Sheperdstown, WV in July 2008. Erika was part of the Summer faculty at the Interlochen Arts Camp for 8 years and has been a frequent guest artist at the Interlochen Arts Academy. Currently, she teaches ballet and improvisation for the Boulder Jazz Festival (Summer, 2008, 2010). She has presented solo/group choreography and taught across the nation and internationally in Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Mexico. Randall co-wrote, directed, produced and choreographed , Leading Ladies, her first feature film which has screened across the globe, including Palm Springs International Film Festival, Cannes Independent Film Festival, Starz Denver Film Festival, Sonoma International Film Festival, Outfest, Framline, etc.. Her interest in dance, its relationship to popular culture, and its ability to impact change, is at the heart of all of her research and teaching.

Daniel Beahm

Daniel Beahm is the proverbial Renaissance man. In fact, his record label is called Renaissance Boy Recordings. Daniel owns an advertising/design firm in Denver, CO (Digabyte Music and Design), and composes, records, and performs music across the US. Daniel also designs and restores residential and commercial spaces. Beahm was rarely scene without a video camera during his formative years and into high school. During college, he grew his interest in film and production by composing soundtracks and scores for friends making independent films, as well as by being involved in the production side of these projects. Post graduation (with focus in biology, design, and philosophy), Daniel’s first appointment was as a designer for the world-renowned Blenko Glass in W.V. After that, Beahm started his own design company in Columbus, OH, where he met his wife, Erika Randall. Over the years, Beahm continued to make frequent trips to Los Angeles, helping friends with various tasks in a myriad of independent productions. Most recently Daniel moved to Denver, CO, where he continues to run his design/advertising company focusing on motion, print, and web media, as well as growing his record label while writing, recording and performing music of his own.

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