Less Teahm Beahm
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A lush and melancholic work of memory and forgetting, “Less” vacillates between quiet, contemplative imagery (pieces of a letter falling overhead like snow, cotton candy savored at a funeral, a slow-motion ride on a carousel) and rapid-fire, gesture-rich dancing. Wearing a classical-length tutu made of office binder clips, a solo dancer explores notions of nostalgia, sensation, and grief as she moves through virtuosic phrases and theatrical vignettes.   Photographs are clipped into and released from the skirt, the costume physically and metaphorically replicating notions of emotional scrapbooking and loss.  Inspired by Randall’s aunt’s struggle with Bulbar ALS, “Less” borrows gestures from a body that is deteriorating at a rapid pace while the mind still grasps at an active, vibrant, and sensual history.

Two years in the making, less was shot on location under water, beneath a dungeon staircase, in alpine meadows and Aspen groves high in the Rockies, on a moving carousel, and in a desserted antique dining room, "Less" is the third and final installment in the Teahm Beahm short film triptych that also includes "Self Defense" and "More."

Self Defense on Vimeo